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The company "BST Logistics" implements projects for the transportation of goods and specializes in the transportation of oversized, long and heavy cargo across Russia and in international traffic
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Contracts with partners throughout the Russian Federation and the CIS
We cooperate with brokers and agents around the world
Optimization of the client's financial costs
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Implemented routes
Types of transportation
Sea / river transport
By Car
  • Development of transportation routes with the departure of a specialist
  • Organization of loading and unloading operations
  • Organization of protection and escort of cargo by cover vehicles and traffic police
  • Blocking of streets, dismantling of traffic lights and road signs
  • Obtaining necessary permits
  • Cargo insurance along the route
By rail
  • Selection of rolling stock
  • Organization of fastening and unfastening cargo
  • Loading and unloading works
  • Selection of equipment
  • Execution control
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  • Development of a scheme for the transportation of goods through the main commercial seaports
  • Delivery of goods by road and rail to / from seaports
  • Transportation of any consignments of export and import cargo by ships of the required tonnage using containers of various types
  • Transshipment of cargo in the port (including oversized and heavy)
  • Chartering of river barges, loading and unloading operations
Loading and unloading and installation
Specialists will select the necessary crane or rigging equipment and deliver it to the place of work within the specified time. We will issue PPR and PPRk, we will perform the entire process of loading and unloading operations of various levels of complexity, regardless of the dimensions of the cargo. To provide a range of services, BST Logistics specialists have contractual relations with many rigging companies in various regions.
Cargo insurance
We insure cargo against possible risks along the entire route. We insure not only the cargo itself during transportation, but also all operations, including temporary storage of cargo.
Customs escort
We promptly and free of charge advise on all issues of customs clearance, offer reasonable prices for services in the field of customs clearance of goods and organization, and provide absolute transparency and legal cleanliness of all customs procedures, using only legal schemes for customs clearance of goods.
Forwarding in ports
We help to find the optimal terminal, as well as track the arrival of goods at the port. We coordinate the receipt of permits for the processing and storage of goods in the port. We carry out the necessary intra-terminal operations with customers' cargoes: (inspection, weighing, etc.).
Legal support
We offer our services in legal support of cargoes when moving both within the country and crossing state borders. We help to collect all the necessary permits and a package of accompanying documents required for presentation on the way or customs clearance.
Having accumulated many years of experience in business, if necessary, we accompany the client in negotiations, participation in tenders and other emerging situations and issues
Сlient support
Flexibility and the ability to offer a logistics scheme of transportation, thought out to the smallest detail, taking into account all the needs of the client and the characteristics of the cargo
Specialization and extensive experience in the field of transportation of oversized and heavy cargo
We offer our customers a whole package of services, which, in addition to the transportation itself, includes loading and unloading and rigging, obtaining the necessary permits and organizing escort of oversized cargo
A complex approach
Responsibility and honesty - this is what is lacking in modern business. Honesty in work and readiness for cooperation open up great opportunities for beneficial cooperation for us and our partners. Synergy and win-win position help to implement projects of any complexity, which always leads to pleasant financial results.
Supremacy of responsibility
Project logistics
Project logistics is a set of tasks, activities and actions, which may include all methods of cargo transportation, consulting, information support, development of schemes and engineering solutions necessary for the implementation of the project
When performing project logistics tasks, it is important to take into account many factors: the economic and political characteristics of the project entities, exchange rate differences, weather conditions, the quality of the road surface on the route, engineering features along the route, legal and customs conditions
Walter Tosto equipment delivery project from Italy to Orenburg: loading and unloading, sea transportation, forwarding at the port, customs, delivery to the place of unloading.
Participation in the international conference Heavy Russia. 2018, Moscow.
Transportation of the Liebherr LR 1100 crane on the route: St. Petersburg - Astana.
Participation in the Heavy Caspian conference. 2022, Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
Organization of loading and unloading operations and delivery of equipment from St. Petersburg to Ulan-Ude.
Organization of loading and unloading operations and delivery of pipes, length 44 meters. Route: Nizhny Novgorod - Novy Urengoy.
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